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File transfer services are becoming more and more popular thanks to the increasing speed of our Internet connections and the constant need of sharing files of all kinds with our colleagues, family, and friends. Send Anywhere is an excellent free option when looking for a reliable, fast, easy, and filesize-agnostic file sharing service. And, what’s more important – fully anonymous.

This extremely simple utility is also cross-platform, allowing you to send and receive files to and from any Android, iOS, iOS X, Chrome, Windows, Windows Phone, and Linux device via its hassle-free and seamless apps. All you are asked to do is to have the corresponding version of Send Anywhere installed on your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, and follow the few easy steps required to complete the file sharing operation. Users of other cloud-based file transfer services may find this requirement a bit odd, used as they are to sending their bulky files to specific e-mail addresses in the shape of a link. No apps to install, no usernames, no passwords – just your browser and the e-mail addresses involved in the transfer. Actually, though some may see this as a disadvantage and a nuisance, it might well be the only sensible way of protecting both the sender’s and the receiver’s identity. Send Anywhere will never ask you to log in into their apps or to provide your e-mail address or that of the receiving person. The entire file transfer process is fully anonymous – it goes from one device to another and not from one identity to another. So next time you need to send sensitive data over the cloud, think of Send Anywhere as probably the safest way of doing it.

You can transfer files in two ways – Direct 1-to-1 Transfer and 24hr Upload. The former will give the recipient a 10-minute window for them to start grabbing the file, while the latter will keep it reachable for all receiving persons for a whole day before shredding it from the cloud server. Instead of a link on an e-mail, you’ll need to provide the recipient(s) with a 6-digit code (also readable via a QR code), which will launch the download of the file or folder you wish to share. It is that simple, and that safe.

Unlike other similar file transfer apps, Send Anywhere bears no limitations and no cost. There are no limits on the number of files and folders you can send, the number of receiving persons you can share your 6-digit key with, or – as mentioned above – the size of the file you wish to share. Unlimited, anonymous, and totally free – not many cloud sharing sites can boast of such a service.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Free service.
  • Transfers all types of files regardless of their size.
  • Multi-platform compatibility.
  • No log-in or registration required.
  • Anonymity guaranteed


  • Requires you to have the app installed in all the sending/receiving devices
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