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Share files and folders over the Internet
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Share access to the files and folders of your computers with remote users. Select a storage space and assign to it the status of a shared environment. Import and export files, create copies, add access restrictions by generating a six-digit access code for every login session.

Send Anywhere is intended to share files or complete folders with others. The tool has an easy-to-use interface; so much so, that you can easily find out what you have to do without any help. Since it works on peer-to-peer connections, it does not require connecting to any server or even sending login information.

Fortunately, the program allows drag-and-drop operations to share data. Moreover, it also allows choosing what to send via the dialog box. If you use the standard send option, the program generates a code for that specific file or folder, which will be valid for ten minutes only. This code should be entered by the recipient to be able to receive the data. Similarly, there is the possibility of extending the valid period to 24 hours or use an OR code instead of a numeric one. Likewise, you can define a target location for the receive data. There is the limitation that you need to use another program to send the code to the recipient.

Good news is that there are various editions of this product. It works not only on Windows but also Android and iOS, and there are even a web application, a Chrome extension, and an Outlook add-in, which makes it unbeatable in terms of compatibility.

It is a shame that Send Anywhere Windows Desktop edition needs an Internet connection to transfer files.

In general, Send Anywhere has the advantage of using a peer-to-peer connection, which guarantees that no data remains stored on any server. Therefore, it comes in quite handy when you need to transfer data anonymously. However, you can sign up for a free account if you want to manage links from various devices. Luckily, the tool can be used indefinitely and without limitations at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Shares data anonymously
  • Preserves your privacy


  • You need to use another program to send the code to the recipient
  • Cannot transfer files when there is no Internet connection
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